Training Venue

Longmead Day Center

Longmead Day Center

Epsom & Ewell Karate Club

Longmead Day Centre,
Sefton Rd
Epsom - Surrey
KT19 9HG

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Minimum age to join is 7yrs old - No upper age limit.

NOTE: We move from here on 27th July - See our new Venue Here

Training Times

CADETS (Under 10 yrs)






6 - 7:00 pm

7 - 8:30 pm

7 - 8:30 pm

Beginners are welcome, just come along wearing loose clothing such as tracksuit and you will not be charged a joining fee until your next visit. All karate equipment is supplied by the Club, price list on request.

Students are encouraged to attend on a regular basis. Emphasis is on self defence and boys and girls men and women benefit by learning side by side. Self defence techniques and teaching are aimed at BULLYING at school, in the work place, at home.

The club hosts two major competitions annually. Competitions are an option and are NOT compulsory.

Child Protection Policy

Children Act 2004


Epsom & Ewell Karate Club is an organisation teaching karate, a Japanese based Martial Arts for the purpose of self defence to children and adults of both sexes including those individuals with disabilities. The Club aims to promote good health as part of the learning process by encouraging exercise and self discipline in a safe environment. Competitions are encouraged to promote self confidence and a sense of achievement. Sport karate also encourages good health.


The appointed Child Protection Officer for the Club (CPO) is Mrs Andrea Rogers. Mrs Rogers has two female students in the club, her oldest daughter is a Black Belt. She has supported the Club for many years and her family have always supported the Club in all events at Cox Lane and elsewhere.

The role of the CPO is to ensure safety of the students and to report any serious incidence to the Child Protection Team, Social Services, Police, and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council. The CPO can make recommendations about safety to the Club and can take necessary steps to ensure safety for both students and Instructors. The CPO has a duty to ensure that all Instructors, and any adult working with children, have criminal record checks by providing Criminal Records Bureau certificates. To contact Mrs Rogers phone 07734 355064


The club encourages boys and girls to participate in activities equally without preference. Self defence classes are aimed at both sexes and emphasis is applied to the attacker not gender. All students are treated with respect and dignity.


The Club will not tolerate bullying by students and Instructors. It is the principle of the discipline in martial arts that all individuals are treated with respect OUSSE. Any individual found to be bullying within the club will face serious disciplinary.(see section 8 )


Parents have full access to the teaching area at all times. It is the policy of the club that at least two adults are present during tuition. In the event that that one Club instructor is teaching alone, the caretaker and or one of the parents shall be present. Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the Club except during grading when access is limited to the Club instructors and the Child Protection Officer. Parents can view proceedings through the glass door and access is allowed in an emergency.


The Club has a policy of no photography during karate practice. Photography by members of the public is strictly forbidden. Any person found to be taking photographs will be asked to leave the venue and reported to the Child Protection Officer who will make the appropriate action and all breaches will be reported to the police. Permission for photography is only limited to parents/relatives and members of the Club. (with the exception of Club Competition) Parents have the option to raise objection to anyone talking photographs of their children. The Club Application form has a photography statement. Parents who object to photographs being taken of their children have the option of opting out. The club keeps an album of karate photographs of events. This album is open to inspection by any parent or student. Parents have the right to withdraw any photographs of their children from the album. Similar files are held in the Club's computer. Photographs of students will only be published on the Club website with prior permission from all parents.


The Club endeavours to promote safety according to the Children Act 2004. The Club practices semi-contact during sparring and punching to the face is not allowed. Sparring without protection is strictly forbidden. The following protection equipment is compulsory:

The following equipment is recommended.

The club supplies head guards and students are advised to wear head protection where necessary. Head guards are not compulsory. Full contact striking is not allowed. Students who use full contact will be subject to disciplinary. (see section 8) Games are used as team building exercise. Safety is paramount during these sessions.


Every incident or accident will be reported in the appropriate form and filed for future reference. All parents/students will have access to these files on request. Every reported incident must be reported to the Child Protection Officer


Minor breaches of conduct will be dealt with during training sessions. These will take place in form of a verbal warning and exclusion from the session for a period of 10 minutes to allow the student to reflect on their behaviour. A second breach of conduct during the same session will result in exclusion from the rest of the session. Examples of minor breaches of conduct;

Serious breaches of conduct will result in a verbal warning to student and parent. The student can be degraded by removing the belt for a set period of 8 weeks. Further breaches will result in a written warning to the parent and can lead to exclusion from the Club for period of 4 weeks.

Chief Instructor reserves the right to totally exclude any student/instructor from the Club and UKASKO membership without verbal warning.

Examples of serious breach of conduct;

Instructors have powers to exclude any student for a set period. Only the Chief Instructor has the power to totally exclude students from the Club and UKASKO membership permanently.


If any student or parent is not happy with the service provided by the Club, or is not happy with any treatment they may have received from the instructors the first step is to;

1 - Speak to the instructor concerned who will be happy to resolve the issue.

2 - If you do not feel comfortable talking to the instructor, you may go directly to Mrs Rogers, CPO, and anything you say will be treated with strictest confidence. Contact Mrs Rogers on 07734 355964.