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 Sensei Ian, Julius and Howard



Welcome to the Epsom and Ewell Karate Web Site! Please feel free to browse this site. There is a section about the club instructors and the events the club organise throughout the year.

Features and Benefits

Karate, the most essential of the arts of unarmed self-defence, is, among many things, a protective, not aggressive, sport. It should never be used violently or with intent to maim. Though the full depth of the meaning of the word "karate" is difficult to convey, in general, we can say that it is a rigid training of both the mind and the body. A developed karate technique gives power that should never be misused.

Karate is a training of the mind and body, but it is more. It calls for support on the mental powers of man, far greater that modern science can explain. More than a sport, more than a system of defence, karate, in its most important aspect, is a way of life. The karate master and the trainee, who have worked for years with this semi-physical, semi-spiritual exercise, is a tranquil man.

Finding the Right Club

This is a most important aspect of your martial arts future. Here at Epsom & Ewell Karate you will be taught by highly qualified Martial Arts Instructors in Wado Ryu Karate Do. Sensei Julius Manyoni (6th Dan), Sensei Ian Andrews (5th Dan) and Sensei Howard Mordecai (2nd Dan) have proven themselves in the Martial Arts world, and are well renowned in the UKASKO association. Epsom & Ewell Karate Club was established by Sensei Manyoni in 1986.

The Wado Ryu system is recognised as being among the best karate systems available in the UK. We are proudly affiliated to the UKASKO aassociation, which is one of the largest UK associations. This provides us with the opportunities to compete and train at a national, and international level.